Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tiger of the Sundarban

Introduction: Tiger is an animal which is seen about in all types of jungles besides one or two. We all know that tiger is an animal which eats meat. It also eats meat of human being. It has much power. It can easily attack its enemy.
Living place: Tigers live simply in the forest. In the Sundarban, tiger especially live in the bush. Bush is a place where no animal goes there. Their domicile is always surrounded by different types of trees. Their living place place is safety from their enemy.
Sleeping of tigers: Tiger is a nocturnal animal. They sleep at day. They spend all the day sleeping. They search food at night. Whole night is spent in seeking food. So they sleep at day. It is natural habit.
Food habit of tigers: Food habit of tigers is very simple. They eat food when they are hungry like other animals. Other animals seek food sometimes when they are not hungry. But tigers never search livelihood when they are fully satisfied. It is their other characteristics. 
Body structure of tigers: We know that tiger is a big and powerful animal which lives in the forest. It is simply grown 5.8” in length and 2.2” in width. It has all things like other animals. Its tail is much longer than other animals. Its body is seen like a little cow. It has four paws and each paw is very strong in according to power. It has two long teeth which is very dangerous for its foe.
Hunting method of tigers: Tigers always jump on their foe from behind. They do not hunt from front of the enemy. No sound is heard when they hunt. They hunt without making any sound which is hearable to its enemies. At first, they jump on their enemies and catch their breast with teeth. Then enemy lays down on the ground and gradually become weak and at last die. Then tigers satisfy their hunger eating food.
Running speed of tigers: Running speed of tigers is very fast. It can run 60 to 80 kilometers in an hour. According to their body, this running speed is very surprising. It does not run automatically. It runs usually behind their enemies. Their running means catching foes.
Jumping of tigers: Tigers usually jump from twenty hand to twenty one hand. Their jumping speed is very fantastic. 
Hero animal in the Sundarban: Tiger is a hero animal in the Sundarban. No animal is seen bigger than tiger in according of power. All animals which live in the Sundarban fear the tigers. Their roar is very dangerous for their enemy. When they roar all animals decamp running rapidly. 
Bearing child of tigers: Tigers always bear one, two or three children at a time. They beget child one time in a year. They rare their children carefully. No enemy can harm its child when they stay breast. They love their children like other animals. Sometimes male tigers eat their child when its mother is not at close. In one word, the life of tigers is a simple life like other animals.

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