Thursday, June 2, 2011

The animals of the Sundarban

Introduction: There are many kinds of jungles in this world. Jungle is one of the most visible tourist place in this world. It has made the world beautiful with its animals, trees, rivers, bush and many other essential thing. Sundarban is one of the most important forest in this world. It has most essential sides like other jungles. Sundarban is the most important safety place for the animals. Animal is one of the essential things of the Sundarban. Animals have been living here since many centuries. Animals have beautified the Sundarban clearly. Animals have much contribution behind the beautification of the Sundarban.

Animals: Animal is a most important matter of any forest in this world. Different types of animals are found in the forest. Different types of animals have different names. Their size, length, width, color, weight are not same from one to another. There are many kinds of animals in the sundarban. Royal Bengal tiger, deer, marked deer; monkeys, wild hen, boar, elephant, many kinds of birds and snake are important animals. However, many types of little animals are found in the Sundarban. One animal is different from other animal. Their living place, food style, style of strolling and other habits are not same. Some animals devour meat, some gorge grass and trees leaf. Some animals search their livelihood at the night. So they are called nocturnal animal. Some animals seek their food at day. In this way, they are called diurnal animals. Some animals sleep at night but some animals sleep at day. Their sleeping depends on  of their searching food in the forest. I will mention specially one or two animals in this writing page. One most important animal of the Sundarban is tiger. Tigers generally hunt their food at the night. They do not sleep at night for moment. They seek their food awaking full night and walking from one place to another. When they do not get any food, then they get down in the river and catch fish from the river. If they can’t collect food they are to stay without food. All times, they hunt from the behind of the animals. They never hunt from front of the animals. It is an excellent habit of them. All times, they remember this habit. This animal is different from all other animals of the Sundarban. They are called the king of the Sundarban. In the Sundarban, their power is much looked on other animals. But they are kind sometimes on animals when they are not hungry. Their roar is very dangerous when it is heard. Every animal lives in separate place. Their living place is simply safety from notorious animals. Many animals live in the hole of the ground. Some live at the top of the trees. Some live at the hole of the trees. Some live at the high ground in the jungle. Other live on the water in the forest. Many small babies are born to the jungle. Their size is different from other babies. In one word, we can tell that one animal is different from another in all sides.

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