Thursday, June 2, 2011


The world is full of different types of forests which are necessary to save the balance to this world.Forest is helpful  the human being to ways.different It has adorned the orb beautifully.Sundarban is one of the most important mangrove forests in this world. It helps the people in different ways like other forests. It helps people who lives in the costal area. Its area is about 5575 kilometers. It stands mainly two countries which are Bangladesh and India.Its 62 percent area is in Bangladesh and 38 percent is in India.Many types of trees grow in this forest. This forest is mostly known for sundoritree. Sundarban has been named after this tree.Sundori tree grows here in the largest number.Its wood is valuable and any other thing is made up easily.There are many kinds of animals in the sundarban.They are tiger,deer,monkey,rihon,bore and phythan.Among these animals, tiger is the best animals which is well known over this world.Tiger is ferocious animal. It is also known as nocturnal animal because of their hunting at the night.The seek food at night.Its paws are heavy.They sleep at day time.Their attack is very lethal for the victims.They devour food.They have many teeth but two of them are the best.They check their enemy with these two teeth.They have much power in their body because they eat meat.Its power is most known to them who are attacked by them.They originaly attack from behind the victims.They never attack from fornt side.They usually eat the meat of deer.There are more deer in the sundarban.Sundarban is their favourite place to live in.Their size is lower than tiger.So tigers become capable to catch them easily.Meat of deer is flavour to eat.Deer simply lives on grass and other trees leaves.They are like big goat.Monkey is another attraction of this forest.They jump from one tree to another tree.It is very nice to see.Many lakes have been flown through forest.There many kinds of fishes in these lakes.Fishes are available to lakes which are in the forest.Fishes which are caught from these lakes are savour to eat.Crabs are an important asset of this forest.Catching and sellig fish and crabs,many people earn their livelihood.These people mainly live in the costal zone.people collect wood from the forest in the smuggling ways.These woods are sold in the market and mills which are especially used to producing paper.In the other hand,woods which are supplied in the legel way also used to produce paper.The trees which are grown in the forest cooperate to maintain right balance.Sundarban is one of the best tourism places in the world.This is the only mangrove forest in this world.Every year,many people from this earth come here to visit.Visiting this forest ,people enjoy it very much.Costal areas are developed with the money which is donated by people who come here to visit.It is called that Sundarban is one of the important assets of this world. But days after days it is being lessened in different ways.

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