Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snake of the Sundarban

                                  Snake is a ferocious animal which we all know. Snake is a well known animal to all of us in this world. There are different types of snakes in this world. Their name is different. Their living place, body structure, figure, weight, color, group all are different from one to another. Their eating habit is also different. Snake is a nocturnal animal. They are not diurnal animal. Snake is a type of animal which moves on their chest. Snake is an animal which is poisoning animal and beats other animal to invade and kill. We all know snake well all over the world. 

                                  Living place of snakes of the Sundarban:  Snake mainly lives in the holes of the earth and in the holes of different types of things as wood. The body of snake is cool. Because of their coolness of their body, they easily can stay in the holes of the soil in the time of summer. Their living place is a hole which is narrow to live in. To live in the holes is safe for them because enemies cannot easily invade them going in the holes. They maintain all types of their activities in their house named hole. 

                                 Food habit of snakes of the Sundarban: Snake eats almost all types of foods in this world. They eat different kinds of insects. They eat different types of frogs. They eat different kinds of little animals. They eat different kinds of snails to this world. They devour eggs of hen, meat of chicken of hen. They different types of soft food to survive in this orb. Eating food, they can survive in this world. Sundarban is a type of jungle where food for snakes is available to satisfy their hunger. Availability of foods is preserved in the jungle named Sundarban.

                                 Begetting child of snakes of the Sundarban: Like other animals of this orb, snake also begets child in this world. They do not beget child directly. They first lay egg and then children come out from the eggs after a fixed time. They beget a large number of children. Their children’s number is more than other animals of the Sundarban. No other animals beget so many children in the Sundarban. They feed their children different types of foods at the primary stage. Their children are served well by them in different ways. Children grow gradually with the service of their mother.

                                 Beneficial animal as they serve: Snakes sometimes help people do any type of activities. They kill different types of foes which are harmful for man.