Saturday, June 11, 2011

Snake of the Sundarban

                                  Snake is a ferocious animal which we all know. Snake is a well known animal to all of us in this world. There are different types of snakes in this world. Their name is different. Their living place, body structure, figure, weight, color, group all are different from one to another. Their eating habit is also different. Snake is a nocturnal animal. They are not diurnal animal. Snake is a type of animal which moves on their chest. Snake is an animal which is poisoning animal and beats other animal to invade and kill. We all know snake well all over the world. 

                                  Living place of snakes of the Sundarban:  Snake mainly lives in the holes of the earth and in the holes of different types of things as wood. The body of snake is cool. Because of their coolness of their body, they easily can stay in the holes of the soil in the time of summer. Their living place is a hole which is narrow to live in. To live in the holes is safe for them because enemies cannot easily invade them going in the holes. They maintain all types of their activities in their house named hole. 

                                 Food habit of snakes of the Sundarban: Snake eats almost all types of foods in this world. They eat different kinds of insects. They eat different types of frogs. They eat different kinds of little animals. They eat different kinds of snails to this world. They devour eggs of hen, meat of chicken of hen. They different types of soft food to survive in this orb. Eating food, they can survive in this world. Sundarban is a type of jungle where food for snakes is available to satisfy their hunger. Availability of foods is preserved in the jungle named Sundarban.

                                 Begetting child of snakes of the Sundarban: Like other animals of this orb, snake also begets child in this world. They do not beget child directly. They first lay egg and then children come out from the eggs after a fixed time. They beget a large number of children. Their children’s number is more than other animals of the Sundarban. No other animals beget so many children in the Sundarban. They feed their children different types of foods at the primary stage. Their children are served well by them in different ways. Children grow gradually with the service of their mother.

                                 Beneficial animal as they serve: Snakes sometimes help people do any type of activities. They kill different types of foes which are harmful for man.              

Birds of the Sundarban

                       Bird is an animal which is known to all of us all over the world. This animal is mainly known to its different types of virtues to all of us. There are many kinds of birds in this world. Different types of birds are of different figures. Their names are also different. Their body structure is also different from one bird to another. Their living place is made by them to different ways as they desire to build up their houses. Bird is our pet and favorite animal to all of us in this world. There is hardly a man who does not love a bird in this world. There are many types of birds living in the Sundarban like other jungles in this world. 

                      Living place of birds of the Sundarban: Bird’s main living place is tree, according to our knowledge. Almost all types of birds live in branches in the trees. They build up their homes on the branches of the trees. Some birds make of their homes in holes of the earth. Some birds live in the space of this world’s firmament. They never come down to this world. They are flying and flying in this world. They eat their food in the space and beget their children in the space. Some birds live in the holes of the tree’s wood. 

                     Food habit of birds of the Sundarban: We all know like all other animals in this orb, birds eat to survive in this world. Mainly birds eat to survive, in this world, different types of foods like insects, paddy, rice, different types of fruits and many other types of foods. Different kinds of insects are their favorite food. They always eat fresh type of food. They do not eat more food than other animals of the Sundarban. 

                     Flying power of birds: In this world, only birds can fly. No other animal can fly in this orb without bird. They can travel flying from one corner to another corner of this world. They can fly as they want to do. They can cross big seas within long time. Their flying speed is normal as their power of flying has been given by our ‘Allah’. Their flying speed has been fixed to an extent. Bird of Sundarban flies from one tree to another tree. Sundarban is a suitable living place for birds to live in. They live here in peace and quiet.

                    Begetting child of the birds of Sundarban: Like other animals of this world, birds of Sundarban beget child. The number of their children is normally from four to eight children. They first lay egg into their nest. After some days, child from eggs come out. Mother birds rare their child carefully. They take care of their children with love. 

                  Kinds of birds of the Sundarban: There are different types of birds in the Sundarban. They are sparrow, parrot, moina and many other types of birds. 

                 Birds are lovely animals to all of us in this orb. We all love this animal with our heart.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Crocodiles of the Sundarban

                      Crocodile is a well known animal to all of us. We all know this animal all over the world. Crocodile is an animal which lives mainly in the water. There are many crocodiles living in the waters of the Sundarban. We all know that crocodile is a serpentine animal in this world. Crocodile mainly moves by pressing its chest. Crocodile is a ferocious animal, we all know all over this world. But it does not harm all times. It helps sometimes. Although crocodile lives on the water, most of the times it spends on the bank of the waters. 

                    Living place of crocodiles in the Sundarban: Crocodiles of the Sundarban mainly lives in the waters of the Sundarban. These waters are sea, gulf, broad river, narrow river etc. They live both places on the water and on the bank. In the time of seeking food, they come to the waters and in the time of sleeping, they come to the banks of these waters. They maintain almost their all duties in the waters starting from searching food, begetting children, raring them, strolling and many other activities. They perform all their activities in this way. 

                  Sleeping place of the crocodiles in the Sundarban: Mainly crocodiles of the Sundarban sleep in the bank places of the waters in the Sundarban. Although crocodiles live on the waters in the Sundarban, they sleep on the bank of the rivers in the Sundarban. They sleep both day and night in the Sundarban. Sleeping time is mainly spent in the day. Crocodile is not a nocturnal animal. They are called diurnal animal over this world. So they work hard at day to survive in this orb. We mainly know this animal as their habit.
                 Food habit of crocodiles of the Sundarban: Crocodiles of the whole world like Sundarban eat different types of foods in this orb. They devour mainly fish in the waters in the Sundarban. However, they eat different types of animals living in the Sundarban when they come to drink water in the waters. When they come, then crocodiles invade them to devour. In this way, they eat different kinds of meats I the Sundarban. But their main food is fish in the Sundarban. However, they attack and eat man when they are capable. 

                  Begetting child of crocodiles in the Sundarban: Like other animals of the whole world, crocodiles beget their children in the Sundarban. The number of their children is from ten to fifteen. Their child’s figure is as like as Ticktike’s child. They rare their child as other animals of the whole world do. Their kindness about their children is vast. They love their children as much as other animals of the Sundarban do. 

                 Body figure of crocodiles of the Sundarban: The body of crocodile of the Sundarban is bigger than other crocodile of the breast places of the Sundarban. They are weighty and fat. They are long in length. Their size is as loving as other animals of the Sundarban.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The rivers of Sundarban

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This forest is surrounded by many types of rivers. Many rivers have been flown through the Sundarban. Some rivers are large and others rivers are small. The rivers which are small are called canals. But the rivers which are large are called sea. We know that sea is greater than simple rivers. So canals are less than simple rivers. Some rivers have been flown directly. Some rivers or canals are serpentine. Always canals are often serpentine. Canals are not always too much deep. These are sometimes deep. But rivers are always deep. They are never shallow. Much amount of water is gathered to these rivers. But containment power of water of canals is less than rivers. But the surprising thing is that all types of rivers have been to one place. This place is called the mouth of many rivers. A huge amount of water is gathered to that mouth. Canals and rivers have no empty bank but they always have bank. The banks of rivers and canals are always full of different kinds of trees. Mainly trees balance the beauty of these banks. In a day, three or four times ebb and increase of water are completed. The speed of ebb and increase is much strong. They try to erode the soil of the rivers bank. But fail because of the thickness of the trees which are grown in the river bank. Trees hinder to erode soil from the river bank. The canals are not always wide. They are simply narrow. But rivers are always broad. They are always full of water. About all rivers of the Sundarban are much long. Some rivers not seen from near. They are so much long. Some rivers are not looked widely. Man fears to go there alone. They go to visit there with different types of engine boats taking many visitors. Then they enjoy the beauty of nature. In the Sundarban, the Sun rise is seen in the beach of the large sea. These seas are not crossed easily. To cross these seas is a dangerous work. Canals are not so wide. So it is easier to overcome the canals than the seas. The animals which live in the forest all times cross the canals. Tigers cross the canals with one jump. Deer also does that. Monkeys generally come to the canal bank to drink water. However, there are many waters in the Sundarban. Those waters are sweet. For this sweet water, these waters are famous to the visitors. Tourists become surprised finding sweet water in the mangrove forest because this forest has only saline water. Tourists sometimes drink this sweet water. With that sweet water, different kinds of vegetables grow there. But vegetables are not suitable to eat. These are sour. So it is surprising that vegetables which grow in the sweet water are not tasty. Canals have been flown breast. A huge number of little fish is caught from these canals. Tigers often come here in search of fish when they are hungry. They seek fish getting down the canals and catch fish to satisfy their hunger. Canals become nice when different types of birds come here and sit on the bank of the canals. It is a ripping scenery to the tourists.


The world is full of different types of forests which are necessary to save the balance to this world.Forest is helpful  the human being to ways.different It has adorned the orb beautifully.Sundarban is one of the most important mangrove forests in this world. It helps the people in different ways like other forests. It helps people who lives in the costal area. Its area is about 5575 kilometers. It stands mainly two countries which are Bangladesh and India.Its 62 percent area is in Bangladesh and 38 percent is in India.Many types of trees grow in this forest. This forest is mostly known for sundoritree. Sundarban has been named after this tree.Sundori tree grows here in the largest number.Its wood is valuable and any other thing is made up easily.There are many kinds of animals in the sundarban.They are tiger,deer,monkey,rihon,bore and phythan.Among these animals, tiger is the best animals which is well known over this world.Tiger is ferocious animal. It is also known as nocturnal animal because of their hunting at the night.The seek food at night.Its paws are heavy.They sleep at day time.Their attack is very lethal for the victims.They devour food.They have many teeth but two of them are the best.They check their enemy with these two teeth.They have much power in their body because they eat meat.Its power is most known to them who are attacked by them.They originaly attack from behind the victims.They never attack from fornt side.They usually eat the meat of deer.There are more deer in the sundarban.Sundarban is their favourite place to live in.Their size is lower than tiger.So tigers become capable to catch them easily.Meat of deer is flavour to eat.Deer simply lives on grass and other trees leaves.They are like big goat.Monkey is another attraction of this forest.They jump from one tree to another tree.It is very nice to see.Many lakes have been flown through forest.There many kinds of fishes in these lakes.Fishes are available to lakes which are in the forest.Fishes which are caught from these lakes are savour to eat.Crabs are an important asset of this forest.Catching and sellig fish and crabs,many people earn their livelihood.These people mainly live in the costal zone.people collect wood from the forest in the smuggling ways.These woods are sold in the market and mills which are especially used to producing paper.In the other hand,woods which are supplied in the legel way also used to produce paper.The trees which are grown in the forest cooperate to maintain right balance.Sundarban is one of the best tourism places in the world.This is the only mangrove forest in this world.Every year,many people from this earth come here to visit.Visiting this forest ,people enjoy it very much.Costal areas are developed with the money which is donated by people who come here to visit.It is called that Sundarban is one of the important assets of this world. But days after days it is being lessened in different ways.

The animals of the Sundarban

Introduction: There are many kinds of jungles in this world. Jungle is one of the most visible tourist place in this world. It has made the world beautiful with its animals, trees, rivers, bush and many other essential thing. Sundarban is one of the most important forest in this world. It has most essential sides like other jungles. Sundarban is the most important safety place for the animals. Animal is one of the essential things of the Sundarban. Animals have been living here since many centuries. Animals have beautified the Sundarban clearly. Animals have much contribution behind the beautification of the Sundarban.

Animals: Animal is a most important matter of any forest in this world. Different types of animals are found in the forest. Different types of animals have different names. Their size, length, width, color, weight are not same from one to another. There are many kinds of animals in the sundarban. Royal Bengal tiger, deer, marked deer; monkeys, wild hen, boar, elephant, many kinds of birds and snake are important animals. However, many types of little animals are found in the Sundarban. One animal is different from other animal. Their living place, food style, style of strolling and other habits are not same. Some animals devour meat, some gorge grass and trees leaf. Some animals search their livelihood at the night. So they are called nocturnal animal. Some animals seek their food at day. In this way, they are called diurnal animals. Some animals sleep at night but some animals sleep at day. Their sleeping depends on  of their searching food in the forest. I will mention specially one or two animals in this writing page. One most important animal of the Sundarban is tiger. Tigers generally hunt their food at the night. They do not sleep at night for moment. They seek their food awaking full night and walking from one place to another. When they do not get any food, then they get down in the river and catch fish from the river. If they can’t collect food they are to stay without food. All times, they hunt from the behind of the animals. They never hunt from front of the animals. It is an excellent habit of them. All times, they remember this habit. This animal is different from all other animals of the Sundarban. They are called the king of the Sundarban. In the Sundarban, their power is much looked on other animals. But they are kind sometimes on animals when they are not hungry. Their roar is very dangerous when it is heard. Every animal lives in separate place. Their living place is simply safety from notorious animals. Many animals live in the hole of the ground. Some live at the top of the trees. Some live at the hole of the trees. Some live at the high ground in the jungle. Other live on the water in the forest. Many small babies are born to the jungle. Their size is different from other babies. In one word, we can tell that one animal is different from another in all sides.

Tiger of the Sundarban

Introduction: Tiger is an animal which is seen about in all types of jungles besides one or two. We all know that tiger is an animal which eats meat. It also eats meat of human being. It has much power. It can easily attack its enemy.
Living place: Tigers live simply in the forest. In the Sundarban, tiger especially live in the bush. Bush is a place where no animal goes there. Their domicile is always surrounded by different types of trees. Their living place place is safety from their enemy.
Sleeping of tigers: Tiger is a nocturnal animal. They sleep at day. They spend all the day sleeping. They search food at night. Whole night is spent in seeking food. So they sleep at day. It is natural habit.
Food habit of tigers: Food habit of tigers is very simple. They eat food when they are hungry like other animals. Other animals seek food sometimes when they are not hungry. But tigers never search livelihood when they are fully satisfied. It is their other characteristics. 
Body structure of tigers: We know that tiger is a big and powerful animal which lives in the forest. It is simply grown 5.8” in length and 2.2” in width. It has all things like other animals. Its tail is much longer than other animals. Its body is seen like a little cow. It has four paws and each paw is very strong in according to power. It has two long teeth which is very dangerous for its foe.
Hunting method of tigers: Tigers always jump on their foe from behind. They do not hunt from front of the enemy. No sound is heard when they hunt. They hunt without making any sound which is hearable to its enemies. At first, they jump on their enemies and catch their breast with teeth. Then enemy lays down on the ground and gradually become weak and at last die. Then tigers satisfy their hunger eating food.
Running speed of tigers: Running speed of tigers is very fast. It can run 60 to 80 kilometers in an hour. According to their body, this running speed is very surprising. It does not run automatically. It runs usually behind their enemies. Their running means catching foes.
Jumping of tigers: Tigers usually jump from twenty hand to twenty one hand. Their jumping speed is very fantastic. 
Hero animal in the Sundarban: Tiger is a hero animal in the Sundarban. No animal is seen bigger than tiger in according of power. All animals which live in the Sundarban fear the tigers. Their roar is very dangerous for their enemy. When they roar all animals decamp running rapidly. 
Bearing child of tigers: Tigers always bear one, two or three children at a time. They beget child one time in a year. They rare their children carefully. No enemy can harm its child when they stay breast. They love their children like other animals. Sometimes male tigers eat their child when its mother is not at close. In one word, the life of tigers is a simple life like other animals.