Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birds of the Sundarban

                       Bird is an animal which is known to all of us all over the world. This animal is mainly known to its different types of virtues to all of us. There are many kinds of birds in this world. Different types of birds are of different figures. Their names are also different. Their body structure is also different from one bird to another. Their living place is made by them to different ways as they desire to build up their houses. Bird is our pet and favorite animal to all of us in this world. There is hardly a man who does not love a bird in this world. There are many types of birds living in the Sundarban like other jungles in this world. 

                      Living place of birds of the Sundarban: Bird’s main living place is tree, according to our knowledge. Almost all types of birds live in branches in the trees. They build up their homes on the branches of the trees. Some birds make of their homes in holes of the earth. Some birds live in the space of this world’s firmament. They never come down to this world. They are flying and flying in this world. They eat their food in the space and beget their children in the space. Some birds live in the holes of the tree’s wood. 

                     Food habit of birds of the Sundarban: We all know like all other animals in this orb, birds eat to survive in this world. Mainly birds eat to survive, in this world, different types of foods like insects, paddy, rice, different types of fruits and many other types of foods. Different kinds of insects are their favorite food. They always eat fresh type of food. They do not eat more food than other animals of the Sundarban. 

                     Flying power of birds: In this world, only birds can fly. No other animal can fly in this orb without bird. They can travel flying from one corner to another corner of this world. They can fly as they want to do. They can cross big seas within long time. Their flying speed is normal as their power of flying has been given by our ‘Allah’. Their flying speed has been fixed to an extent. Bird of Sundarban flies from one tree to another tree. Sundarban is a suitable living place for birds to live in. They live here in peace and quiet.

                    Begetting child of the birds of Sundarban: Like other animals of this world, birds of Sundarban beget child. The number of their children is normally from four to eight children. They first lay egg into their nest. After some days, child from eggs come out. Mother birds rare their child carefully. They take care of their children with love. 

                  Kinds of birds of the Sundarban: There are different types of birds in the Sundarban. They are sparrow, parrot, moina and many other types of birds. 

                 Birds are lovely animals to all of us in this orb. We all love this animal with our heart.

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