Thursday, June 2, 2011

The rivers of Sundarban

Sundarban is the largest mangrove forest in the world. This forest is surrounded by many types of rivers. Many rivers have been flown through the Sundarban. Some rivers are large and others rivers are small. The rivers which are small are called canals. But the rivers which are large are called sea. We know that sea is greater than simple rivers. So canals are less than simple rivers. Some rivers have been flown directly. Some rivers or canals are serpentine. Always canals are often serpentine. Canals are not always too much deep. These are sometimes deep. But rivers are always deep. They are never shallow. Much amount of water is gathered to these rivers. But containment power of water of canals is less than rivers. But the surprising thing is that all types of rivers have been to one place. This place is called the mouth of many rivers. A huge amount of water is gathered to that mouth. Canals and rivers have no empty bank but they always have bank. The banks of rivers and canals are always full of different kinds of trees. Mainly trees balance the beauty of these banks. In a day, three or four times ebb and increase of water are completed. The speed of ebb and increase is much strong. They try to erode the soil of the rivers bank. But fail because of the thickness of the trees which are grown in the river bank. Trees hinder to erode soil from the river bank. The canals are not always wide. They are simply narrow. But rivers are always broad. They are always full of water. About all rivers of the Sundarban are much long. Some rivers not seen from near. They are so much long. Some rivers are not looked widely. Man fears to go there alone. They go to visit there with different types of engine boats taking many visitors. Then they enjoy the beauty of nature. In the Sundarban, the Sun rise is seen in the beach of the large sea. These seas are not crossed easily. To cross these seas is a dangerous work. Canals are not so wide. So it is easier to overcome the canals than the seas. The animals which live in the forest all times cross the canals. Tigers cross the canals with one jump. Deer also does that. Monkeys generally come to the canal bank to drink water. However, there are many waters in the Sundarban. Those waters are sweet. For this sweet water, these waters are famous to the visitors. Tourists become surprised finding sweet water in the mangrove forest because this forest has only saline water. Tourists sometimes drink this sweet water. With that sweet water, different kinds of vegetables grow there. But vegetables are not suitable to eat. These are sour. So it is surprising that vegetables which grow in the sweet water are not tasty. Canals have been flown breast. A huge number of little fish is caught from these canals. Tigers often come here in search of fish when they are hungry. They seek fish getting down the canals and catch fish to satisfy their hunger. Canals become nice when different types of birds come here and sit on the bank of the canals. It is a ripping scenery to the tourists.

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